Brazilian model Waldisleny Dias recalls how the September 11 attacks influenced her career

Waldisleny Dias is one of the most respected Brazilian models abroad. Early in her career, after achieving success in the ‘Girl VEET’ contest, she became Miss Curitiba. 

Given the notoriety conquered in the fashion world, the star was invited to participate in the Miss World, representing Brazil. However, something unexpected ended up delaying their plans. Due to the September 11 attacks in the United States, the event was canceled. 

« Then I was very sad, but all bad comes to good. After that, I followed my career in France, » she recalled. 

Faced with the news, Waldisleny arrived in Europe and began working with major brands, until she was invited to represent Brazil at the Miss Top Latina, which took her to the biggest scenarios in the world of fashion and entertainment.

Lien de l’article original visible sur le site Brésilien de Lorenna

Gratitude pour ce bel article Lorenna.

article original en Portugais sur le site de Lorenna

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