From Brasil to the world! Waldisleny Dias achieved his worldwide notoriety upon arriving in France

Brazilian model Waldisleny Dias became known worldwide for the many expressive works she did, which enhanced her career both as a model and in the artistic world. After winning the Miss Curitiba and representing Brazil in several fashion contests, she went to France, where she achieved the greatest notoriety of her career. In the European country, the Brazilian started to study at the largest film school in the world, which opened countless doors for her, whether for advertising, or even to act alongside major European celebrities.

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« When I entered film school, I was invited to work with advertising for big brands. With that, my career took off even more. At this point I started working with the biggest celebrities in the world, even Hollywood names, » said the beauty.

In France, in addition to artistic work, Waldisleny touched upon a feeling he had had since he was a child, which is to help animals.

As in other branches of her career, she achieved great success and gained another adjective, as one of the most renowned people in animal care in the world.

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Article Originale visible sur le site Natelinha UOL

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